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Getting pregnant is an overwhelming thing in life. Therefore you should be prepared for it before you conceive. After getting pregnant, you may get tense or anxious. But you need to know that pregnancy is a normal physiological process. 

When you get pregnant, you need to pay extra attention to your health. In this article, we will tell you things that you should know before getting pregnant. If you are pregnant, you should attend follow-up visits with the healthcare provider. For an expert opinion, you can consult with a Gynecologist in Lahore.

Track Your Cycle

Your cycle is the best indicator that when you can get pregnant, the right time to have sex to conceive. To get pregnant, one has to have sex at the right time, the ovulation period of the menstrual cycle. Mostly, it occurs between the 13 to 15th days of your cycle. But it can differ from woman to woman. 

To know about the ovulation period, you need to have a deep insight into how long your periods occur, their flow, and other details. Another thing that can help you know about the ovulation period is the physical symptoms. At the ovulation period, you may have breast tenderness, your basal body temperature may be raised, and you may have some other symptoms too. 

Do not get anxious about the ovulation period. Nowadays many mobile applications can help with it. You just need to enter the details of your menstrual cycle, and the symptoms you have day by day, and it can predict the ovulation period- a time when the chances of getting pregnant are quite high. 

Schedule an Appointment Before Getting Pregnant

Before you get pregnant, it is essential to have an appointment with your healthcare provider. You can seek their advice on whether this is the right time for you to get pregnant or not. They can also inform you of risks and benefits associated with pregnancy, depending upon the health conditions you have and the medications you take. 

Your healthcare providers can evaluate your health status and tell whether you should conceive or not. Sometimes during pregnancy or before that, you may also need an alteration in medicines. Your healthcare providers can make a change in your prescription as needed. 

Visit a Dentist 

Visiting a dentist is essential in daily life. But the need increases even more when you are pregnant. If you do not take care of your oral cavity, it can lead to pregnancy-associated complications, sometimes leading to preterm delivery. Therefore you should book frequent appointments with the dentist when pregnant.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

When you are pregnant, the nutritional demands increase for you because you have to meet the needs not only of yourself but your baby too. Incorporate plenty of vegetables and fruits into your diet. Along with that, drink lots of water. You should drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water in a day. Drinking ample amounts of water can help prevent urinary tract infections, which become common in pregnancy. 

Take Folic Acid 

Taking folic acid is very important during pregnancy. If you do not take it, your child may have neural tube defects that are crippling. Therefore you should not forget to take folic acid during pregnancy. You can start taking it before pregnancy, from the day you plan to have a child. 

Do Physical Activity 

Many people think that a woman should only rest during pregnancy. In some cases, it is needed to rest when there is any complication in the pregnancy. But rest is not needed in a healthy pregnancy. You can do your daily life activities. Also, make a routine of daily workout for at least half an hour five days a week. You can do light exercises such as walking. 

If you are pregnant, you should attend follow-up visits with your healthcare provider. For an expert opinion, you should visit a Gynecologist in Karachi.

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