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The city of Tamar, Tasmania’s second-most northern community, is located at the mouth of the Tamar River’s huge estuary. Launceston boasts a lovely river gorge that is within a short distance from the city’s core business center and a city park with an island inhabited by macaques that is only found in Launceston.

Many of the buildings in and around Launceston date back to the city’s early days as a settlement in the early nineteenth century, including the chairlift that takes visitors down the Cataract Gorge. Launceston is also a good starting place for exploring Tasmania’s legendary wilderness, cruising down the Tamar River, or climbing Cradle Mountain. Mesmerized huh? If you are planning a vacation in Launceston with your significant other or with family and friends. Without thinking much, start planning, book singapore airlines reservations in any class, and save up to 50% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To help you out, the following are the most popular places to visit in Launceston on your vacation in 2022!

River Valley Tamar

Just beyond Launceston, the Tamar Valley extends to George Town and the coast before it. There are vineyards, orchards, pastures, bed and breakfasts, and, most significantly, wineries in this lush and fertile area.

If you’re driving or on a tour from Launceston, take the Tamar Valley Wine Route. Visit well-known vineyards such as Pipers Brook, Clover Hill, Delamere, Bass, and Ninth Island along this path as it winds its way through the valley’s rolling hills. This region is well-known for its Pinot Noir wines, which have won awards all over the world.

Located in the Bay of Fires

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is found at the Bay of Fires, a place on the northeastern coast of Tasmania. Eddystone Point to Binalong Bay is included in the area. Here, you may go bird-spotting and camping as well as fishing and swimming. Hiking and camping are among the other activities that one may engage in.

Chromy wines, those made by Josef

Josef Chromy Wines has a certain charm that may have something to do with the vineyard’s setting or the pinot noir itself. The land where the winery is located dates back to 1880 and is about 10 minutes outside of Launceston on Tasmania’s north coast. You may sip on some pinot noir and chardonnay as you relax by the blazing log fire in the vineyard. 

There are several cave systems in the Gunns Plains area

Humans were initially alerted to the existence of the Gunns Plains Caves by an opossum. Rather than chase the opossum into the hole, a local hunter in Tasmania ended up finding him in the cave. The opossum might take credit for finding the caverns. After all, it’s impossible to say for sure that the cave-dwelling, clever, and cunning Tasmanian Opossum was found by him, but we do know that he traveled from an undiscovered cave to a well-known Tasmanian State Reserve within the span of only 12 years. 

Two instances of the subsurface beauty caused by water erosion are the calcite shawls and the large shimmering flowstones.

Hobart is the location of the Tasmanian National Automobile Museum.

The Tasmanian National Car Museum was created in 1987 by Geoff Smedley, a well-known racing car engineer, and Sylvia, his spouse at the time. Since September 2019, the museum has been at its present location, however, it was formerly located elsewhere. The museum’s collection contains everything from an E-type Jaguar to a fleet of motorcycles, and it’s been there for more than a century.

Community Market for Launceston’s Local Farmers

In the immediate neighborhood of Albert Hall, a farmers’ market attracts people from all over the nation on Saturday mornings. Make the most of your chance to meet with those responsible for the food you consume and learn more about where your food comes from. If you buy from them, they’ll tell you about the quality of their products and how to best use them. All the stores in this region cater to a very specialized demographic, selling commodities such as asparagus, cherries, and hazelnuts as well as peonies and other delicate flowers.

You may get anything from eggs to truffles to cheese to cider to fresh sourdough to seafood to coffee to sustainably raised beef to honey to beer to kimchi to cider at the market’s many booths.


Tourists may take part in exciting outdoor activities, see the city’s magnificent museums, and experience an exquisite tour of the Tamar Valley’s various wineries in addition to immersing themselves in the city’s thriving arts and gastronomy sectors. So, why wait? Plan a trip to Australia with AirlinesMap and get an itinerary personalized exclusively according to your preferences. Happy Vacations..!

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