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Unhealthy Lifestyle

Being infertile is a very painful thing for those who want to have babies of their own. People do everything to gain fertility. They often visit doctors and ask them to prescribe some suitable medication for them. Similarly, some go for surgical treatments and some for advanced infertility treatments.

However, sometimes, you don’t need to take any male or female infertility treatment, as only changing the lifestyle could help you in getting fertile. Many of you might be facing infertility issues due to bad and unhealthy habits that they are sticking with and not ready to leave them. Such types of habits have a great effect on your fertility.

Following are some unhealthy lifestyles that have been noticed in many infertile people during surveys. Changing these habits could be beneficial for you in terms of your overall health other than pregnancy.


Smoking is one of those lifestyles that can cost you fertility. If the male partner is a smoker then the chances of fertility are less than normal persons. However, if the female is directly doing so by herself, then the risk of infertility is very high. There are certain pieces of evidence that show that smoking by a female can lead to premature ovulation.

Other than that, severe damage to the fallopian tubes and cervix might also happen. Along with fertility disorder, it also has a worse effect on your lungs and overall health. So you must quit smoking as soon as possible.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is very high in most upper-class and educated families as well. However, everyone is aware that alcohol has some bad impacts on infertility. The evidence is still not clear, but its consumption by pregnant women can lead to miscarriage or the birth of an abnormal child.

Many people believe that drinking one pack of wine or some other alcoholic products daily is normal and harmless. However, a little amount is dangerous as well if consumed regularly.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

This is one of the most neglected aspects in the case of infertility habits. Many people in this world, despite their education and knowledge, still believe that AIDS is the only sexually transmitted disease. However, they are wrong as are many other diseases including Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and HPV, etc. These can cause infertility in both partners.

The best solution to get rid of them is to have protected intercourse, and while planning for a baby, visit your doctor and take your tests for sexually transmitted diseases. These are easily identifiable and curable.

Caffeine Consumption

All of you are taking caffeine in large amounts on a daily basis. It never means that you are taking it directly or it’s only your coffee. High percentages of it are present in your cold drinks, tea, including green tea as well, and many other daily uses. High consumption of caffeine has a bad impact on both egg growth and sperm development.

It is suggested by the doctors that if you want to improve your fertility along with many other benefits, then you should limit your caffeine consumption to 300 mg per day, or even less than that.

Environmental Toxins

You all know that, with every passing day, our environment is getting more and more polluted. Breathing in such an environment is really a difficult task, and it’s leading to many diseases. Fertility-related issues are also happening by the various toxins present in the air. Evidence is still incomplete regarding this.

However, people with other fertility declining habits can easily be affected by these toxins. The presence of chemical toxins in the form of herbicides, pesticides, and other such things could affect the quality and quantity of sperms in males.


Try to get rid of all these habits if you want to be more fertile. However, if you are infertile despite not having any of these habits, then it might be some issue in your reproductive system and you should immediately take an IUI treatment in Lahore. This would help you to get pregnant. Other than that, leaving medicines with side effects on your fertility, exercising regularly, eating a protein-rich, healthy diet, and maintaining your weight can also prove beneficial in improving your fertility rate.

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