Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Vacations to Orlando, FL, are different from all others. They are almost super-loaded with fun and entertainment and there is so much to do here that invariably some attractions are missed due to paucity of time. Well, that gives one incentive to visit again, eh?

The Fascinating Orlando

There are so many interesting things to know about Orlando.

Did you know that Downtown Orlando has a giant sinkhole named Lake Eola? Its deepest point is 80 feet! Also, this city was once the main center of the citrus industry in Florida before a deep freeze led to the shifting of this industry down south!

It is the busiest convention and conference center in the US with the Orange County Convention Center being the second-largest convention center in the country.

The Big Names

When people searching for ‘vacations near me’ think about Orlando, their first thought goes towards the big Kahunas – Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

Both of these are chock-full of gorgeous things to see and activities to do. Universal Orlando has three theme parks – Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay. These are replete with rides and slides that will keep you engaged for hours.

The Walt Disney World Resort is an enchanted place. There are unique surprises scattered all over the park and lots of Disney characters all of us grew up with, like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who we can get photographed with.

The Other Side of Orlando

You can make a visit to the ‘World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s’ as well. It is a three-story building that encourages guests to create their own menus with food items like pizza, waffles, burgers, pasta, chicken sandwiches, and more. This is the largest McDonald’s in the world in terms of square footage and offers many other things apart from food, like arcade games, PlayPlace, and more.

If you are tired of the noise and crowds, how about a serene and calming walk along Lake Eola? This half-mile walk offers spectacular views of the Orlando skyline. You can feast your eyes on its avian population and gorgeous flora, and take a ride on the swan paddle boats, or fish with an Orlando fishing company. To beat those hunger pangs, you can dine at the Relax Grill restaurant.

Another natural escape is to the wilderness of the Florida Everglades. This adventure is through an airboat that takes you through marshes, rivers, and swamps! You can visit the 13-acre Wildlife Park and see many different animals like sloths, lemurs, bobcats, and more. There is a tropical bird aviary and an alligator handling show too! Once you are through with all the sightseeing, you can enjoy barbequed delicacies for lunch at the Chomp House Grill.

And the last – for a truly unique and magical experience, you can visit the Great Hall of Magic. This place offers you a chance to become a part of the magic and enjoy many immersive and spectacular performances. It is truly a one-of-its-kind experience, one that you won’t forget in a hurry.

By Manali