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A cone’s volume is the amount of space it takes up. A cone has a circular base, which means it has a radius and a diameter. The height is generally measured from the centre of the base to the topmost part of the cone (of course, in the case of ice cream, this portion is at the bottom). Let’s learn about the volume of a cone formula.

Birthdays were one of the most joyful occasions for us as children, and they continue to be so for all children. Kids adore the feeling of standing behind the cake, wearing birthday caps, and beaming at the cameras. Isn’t that right? Some children make their own birthday caps out of colourful sheets, origami paper, and other materials.

They have no idea that geometrical shapes are about to enter the picture. The birthday hat has a conical shape. Our homes, everyday items, and everything else we come across have one or more geometrical shapes. A variety of cone-shaped pieces of equipment and instruments can be found in our homes, workplaces, laboratories, and so on.

In Terms of Pi, What is the Volume of a Cone?

In terms of pi, the volume of a cone is defined as the space occupied by the right circular cone represented as a product of pi. The volume symbol is (V), and the volume of the cone is one-third of the product of the area of the circular base and its height. When the volume of the cone and the volume of the cylinder are correlated, the volume of the cone is one-third that of the cylinder of the same radius and height. The volume of the cone in terms of pi is given in cubic units, , , , or , for example.

Cone and Volume of Cone Formula

A cone is a pyramid with a circular cross-section, according to geometric and mathematical concepts. The volume of a cone can be easily calculated by measuring its height and radius. As a result, the volume of a cone formula is one-third the product of the area of the circular base and the cone’s height. If the radius of the cone’s base is “r” and the height is “h,” the volume of cone is given as V = (1/3)h. If you feel Maths and formulas difficult, you must try cuemath to learn it in an easy and fun way.

Cones in Real Life

Here are a few examples of cones in everyday life:

  1. Cone of ice cream
  2. Funnel
  3. The Christmas tree
  4. Cone made of waffles
  5. Megaphone
  6. Hat for a party
  7. Volcano

Volume of Cylinder Formula

A three-dimensional shape with a circular base is known as a cylinder. A cylinder is made up of circular discs that are stacked on top of one another. Consider a situation in which we need to calculate the amount of sugar that can be stored in a cylindrical box.

In other words, we want to figure out how much space this box has. A cylindrical box’s capacity is essentially equal to the volume of the cylinder involved. As a result, the volume of a three-dimensional shape is equal to the amount of space that shape takes up.

A cylinder can be thought of as a collection of congruent discs stacked one on top of the other. To calculate the space occupied by a cylinder, we first calculate the space occupied by each disc and then add them all together. Thus, the volume of cylinder formula is to multiply the area of the base by the height.

The volume of any cylinder with a base radius ‘r’ and a height ‘h’ is equal to the base times the height. As a result, the volume of the cylinder’s base radius ‘r’ and height ‘h’ = (area of base) height of the cylinder. Because the circle serves as the foundation, it can be written as

Volume =  π × h

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