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The first impression is the last. That’s the reason we groomed ourselves in front of those whom we are going to meet for the first time. For example, if you go to a party with friends and other people will accompany you, you have never met them before. Then you try to make an impression on them by carrying yourself. Similarly, the Pitch deck is a snapshot of the structured key points well presented to attract investors. A well-designed pitch deck helps your company to get the desired funding at the earliest. 

Why is the Pitch deck mandatory for entrepreneurs?

A pitch deck is a brief presentation of the company, its functioning, achievement, success story, and lots more. It demonstrates the long-term or short-term goals of the company, which helps the investors get the exact idea of the company’s growth in upcoming years. 

List down some key elements while preparing the pitch deck for your company.

Introduction: Your pitch deck opening is the essential and most prominent part. It will become a decision setter and an impression builder in front of the target audience. 

It should be clearly and well stated. It should not be chaotic and redundant. All things you want to convey should look more presentable and understandable. 

Ruling area of your business– pitch deck must have spoken about our productions or business specifications. It should focus on the issues which our company can eradicate from society. Suppose our company is more into making hair styling tools, i.e., a hair setting spray can say. So we need to mention the issues on which our product will help. Like frizziness, unmanaged hair is the main issue on which our product will work. In our pitch deck, we will mention the data on the percentage of people daily using these products to style their hair.

Target market– it should clearly state the target market for running our brand. And what type of people will respond if we try to reach out to them. At What age group will be our target audience. Their behavioural response, buying habits, and how often they buy products will cover these aspects in this part. 

Unique selling proposition– this is one of those elements which helps to standalone your brand from the rest of the crowd present in the market. This element will cover the products’ price range, specification, compositions, unique packaging style, and quantity distribution.  

Marketing strategy is one of such elements on which the advertisers keep an eye. What medium suits their pocket and gives them a derided result that they expect in return. For example, social media keeps on trending if your target audiences fall into teenage to adult groups. On the other hand, if you want to target old age groups, print media will be well-suited for your advertising.

Competition- if you are going to launch some new product, don’t forget there are many other brands already present in the market. So you have to have some unique formula or attraction figure which makes your product more noticeable. 

Try to focus more on marketing than advertising.

Your pitch deck will become more authentic or genuine if you include marketing strategy than advertising strategy. Some people confuse them with each other that they are the same. They both have different outcomes and roles in the market. Advertising is more into informing the audience that, hello, we are in the market. You must try our product. But marketing is something which helps to build loyal customers in the market. It is more into customer satisfaction and fulfilling the needs of the consumers. 

Try to adopt good marketing tactics and a commendable advertising style to glorify the startup pitch deck.

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