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Missed call alerts offer you the ability to create a good and reliable platform for handling business calls. With the cloud-based tool, you can maintain a secure real-time database. This technology is the most revolutionary tool for your business because it allows for unlimited missed calls from the cloud-based service. With this advancement service, you can increase your leads by up to 70%. Using some of these amazing advanced tools of business promotion, you can use missed-call alert for voting, customer feedback, and call-backs and can lead your industry.

The miss call alert is an application that generates leads quickly for companies by using a web-based interface.
In addition, you will be able to promote your business products and services more successfully with this service. A missed-call alert can be used to collect customer feedback, verify, poll, vote, and create lead generation and callbacks.
You can find out about your customers’ needs and their opinions faster with this medium. Your business will be engaged with the audience through the service to the customer’s delight which contributes to your businesses branding over a long period of time.
Missed call service does not charge callers for giving your business number a ring. As long as you meet your daily requirements, available missed calls can be used as much as you like. With advanced missed call alert services, the number of leads can be increased by as much as 70%. A cloud-based missed call alert service enables you to handle every call of your business and will never let you miss any queries.

How does a missed call alert work?

All types of businesses can benefit from using missed-call service because it is easy and convenient. To generate leads through this advanced promotion service, you simply have to follow a few steps.

You can promote your business via missed calls by following these steps:

  • Choose a 10-digit number of your brand from the cloud-based service provider.
  • After you have a phone number, you can now use it to promote your business.

How does the number work?

  • The number you provide will be missed by your customers.
  • Your real-time database will automatically add the upcoming user number onto your database.
  • The system will automatically generate a message to thank you or welcome the user based on your preferences.
  • Now, you can use your user database to generate leads according to your requirements.

This service can be used for different purposes based on where it is being used. To clear up any doubts you may have about the missed-call service, let’s look at its usage in detail:

Call back Services: Your dashboard will show you the call received in real-time, every time the user’s call ends after one ring. Your database will automatically save the calling number. Your customer can then be assured that your support team will always be available to answer any questions they may have about your services.

Verification process:
The best way to verify the user’s phone number is to use missed call alert service when making an online submission that requires mobile verification. Tell them to verify their number with a single buzz after getting a ten-digit number from you.

Polling & Voting:
Many reality television shows now use the missed-call feature to elect their guests. Audiences will be able to know what they want and their favorite contestants through this method.
Missed call number service is used by political parties to determine voter support during election campaigns. Cloud telephony service providers provide supporters with a 10-digit number of the candidate, which they can call if they miss the call.

Customer feedback:
Every business wants to know their customer feedback to upgrade their services according to the customer’s need. And this service will help them to know their Feedback and what they expect from your services. If you want to know their reviews, all you need to do is keep your attention on the advanced method you are using.

Lead generation:
By using the missed call service for lead generation, you can easily engage your customers since they know they are not paying for the call, they discussed their concerns clearly with you, and they can contact you at any time. It’s quite easy for businesses to start conversations with the customers after missing calls, which can turn a cold missed call into a lead for your company.
You should have a better understanding of cloud-based tools, such as the missed call alert service, and how you can use them to occupy your place in the market.

Features of missed call alert service
Using this service, you will be able to connect with your customers more efficiently and manage it more easily with your other business promotion activities.

Advanced features of the service are:

1. The No limit number of missed calls in a day:
In this package, you will get an unlimited number of calls throughout the day, which means you can use the service without any limit on the numbers throughout the day.

2. Data visibility of the all-time usage:
You’re real-time or past data is always available in the advanced dashboard for analysis for your future prospects, so you can review and analyze it at any time. With the web-based panel of the service, you can access the updates from anywhere and at any time.

3. Custom API:
API customization is a great way to make your panel 100% tailored to your needs and to analyze exactly the data you need for lead generation.

4. Real-time database updating: Missed call alert service database is real-time, which means you’ll constantly be updated and you’ll also receive the user’s information, which you can use to connect with the user again.

5. Webhook:
With webhooks, you can get the informative data of users, make your database stronger, and then use it for lead generation.

6. Email, IVR, and SMS Service integration:
With the perfect strategy of business advancement, you can integrate your missed call service with the other cloud-based business promotion services, allowing your promotional campaign to be more flexible and able to generate more leads. Missed call alerts offer these advanced features, which help increase lead generation.

Where to Use:

  • Using missed call alerts for lead generation will help you generate more leads.
  • The verification of a user’s mobile phone number and his registration can be done in just a few rings.
  • It can be used as a voting system on TV shows and as an ad platform for business promotion in television shows.
  • Customer feedback and opinion polls: You can ask customers for their opinions and feedback regarding your business.
  • Using an attractive promoting process you can make the audience aware of your business services and products.
  • Subscribe to a missed call alert, to receive follow-up notifications, and to provide your customers with a subscription opportunity with the missed call service.

Where to promote missed call number:

  • You should advertise your number on your business website and on search engine partner sites, as well as on search engines.
  • Your missed call number can be shared on your professional social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  • Send out SMS and Email campaigns that include your missed call number as a call-to-action button.
  • Your business branding can be done by using the traditional methods of advertising, such as radio and TV ads, print ads, banners, and hoardings.

Advertising your business service or products with missed call alerts is an inexpensive way to do so. Your website makes communications smooth for your audience to learn more about your business and for you to generate considerable leads. As a result of this service, your company will be better able to compete with competitors and enhance its reputation in the market.
Using the service will allow you to get more work done and can concentrate on improving your products and services. The records of your customers can be easily maintained on a secure database and used to find potential customers in the future. Improve your business processes by utilizing missed call services. Contact us now!

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