Thu. May 30th, 2024
Lego Therapy

 Lego Therapy:

“A child-led and peer-based intervention that capitalizes on a kid’s passion in construction play to enhance collaboration and interaction.”

The utilization of plaything as a therapeutic intervention was uncovered accidentally by scientist Daniel Leg off (2004). His discovery came once he determined two of his socially withdrawn child patients enjoying alongside Lego in his clinic’s waiting room, sparking the concept of developing an intervention involving the development toys.  Today, Lego Therapy is generally used with children to demonstrate abilities such as the following (Raising Children Network Australia, 2021): flip taking

  • Sharing
  • Listening
  • Language
  • Cooperation
  • Shared attention
  • Problem-solving

 Medical Rules & Roles Explained:

Lego medical care is delivered in 30-minute sessions. Typically, these are control once per week, with 3 children participating in each session. At each session, children take turns filling in an exceedingly lone among stone in every of} 3 roles (Sonagram, 2019):

  • Engineer — Uses plans to explain a construction and also the bricks required to make it
  • Provider — Identifies the bricks represented by the Engineer and hands them to the Builder
  • Builder — Uses the verbal directions from the Engineer to assemble the development

As long as every kid features a clear role, plaything medical care teams will facilitate youngsters comprehend and gain verbal and nonverbal communication skills in a patterned, systematic means that’s analogous to interactions in standard of living (Bobrova & Leong, 2003).  Furthermore, as children progress through the three roles, they develop joint problem-solving, joint creativity, and joint attention skills (Leg off, Krauss, & Levin, 2010).  edges & analysis Findings.

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Lego medical care with children:

Important reduction in maladaptive behaviors together with tantrums, shunning of responsibility, physical aggression, and bedwetting (Owens, Grander, Humphrey, & Baron-Cohen, 2008) Easing of the anxiety felt by preschool-aged children owing to hospitalization (Solia, 2020).


So, it is concluded that Lego Therapy plays an important role in everyone’s life.

By Manali