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Linear TV

The new ways of consuming content have disrupted the market due to their increasing popularity and the changes they brought to the traditional television industry. However, new technology hasn’t eliminated linear TV from the spotlight and it hasn’t become obsolete yet.

If we talk about watching events like live sports, linear TV is still continuing to play its role for this kind of broadcast. As our next generations are becoming smarter, they prefer non-linear viewing. On the other hand, the older viewers are still preferring to consume linear.

So what exactly is linear TV and how is it different from non-linear technologies like OTT?

There’s no need to worry, as you can easily find the answer to this question in this blog.

Let’s delve into the details without any further ado!

What is Linear TV?

In simple words, it is a way through which viewers can access and watch their favorite content by subscribing to a satellite or cable service. The big brands can run linear TV campaigns to reach out their audience. While viewing linear TV, the viewers don’t have the option to skip or tune in any scheduled program. The users have to keep watching the programs scheduled by their broadcasters. If you want to watch your favorite program, then you’ll have to wait for a specific time on which the broadcaster has scheduled it. This style has been adopted by radio stations and traditional television service providers for many years.

Now, you might have got an idea about linear TV. So let’s jump on to OTT and its differences with linear television.

What is OTT?

OTT stands for over-the-top and it’s referred to as TV content that is streamed over the internet in the format of live streaming. With OTT in your pocket, you don’t need to face the involvement of cable or satellite providers to access content. All you need is a hardware device connected to an internet connection for streaming your content via OTT on any other kind of internet-supportive device. OTT has made it easy for the viewers to stream any program on their smartphones. People prefer to get headphones and watch their favorite content on their own with OTT.

OTT is becoming popular among users as it offers full control to them for watching whatever they want. Who doesn’t want to be on the driving seat when it comes to deciding what to watch? OTT makes this possible for the viewers; hence, they can stream any of their favorite movies or shows without any disruption.

However, OTT still hasn’t managed to eliminate linear television from the picture, as the latter still contains popularity for watching live sports. Choosing between a linear TV and OTT is merely now an age influence, as the younger audience prefer OTT while the older viewers prefer the former.

The Bottom Line

Technological innovation has changed things for everyone. Traditionally, the viewers had to rely only on linear broadcasts, as the linear TV has predetermined schedules. However, since the arrival of OTT, people can stream their favorite content without any hassle.

What, when, and where to watch a program? Everything is in the hands of the viewers with OTT! click here for more articles and if you wanted alternative OTT platforms then you should consider avple.

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