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Marketing strategies have seen tremendous changes over time. From flyers and newspaper advertisements to Billboards and TV commercials, and then internet marketing, businesses have used and benefited from every marketing strategy established with time. Today, the marketing world is seeing yet another change, a rather quantum leap instead of a baby step this time, The Storybrand Marketing. 

Storybrand marketing is a new marketing strategy that has been introduced just recently. It has changed the entire game of digital marketing. Storybrand marketing has allowed businesses to reach customers with even more clarity and maximize customer engagement. There are plenty of storybrand website examples that have used this new strategy and are enjoying the many advantages that come along. 

Here is your ultimate beginner’s guide on storybrand marketing. 

The Origin Of Storybrand Marketing

In 2017, author and CEO Donald Miller introduced the concept of Storybrand marketing in his widely recognized and applauded book Building a Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So The Customer Will Listen. 

He built this strategy to improve the marketing tactics of a business. 

When using the storybrand framework to strategize your business marketing plan, you allow your business to make customers believe why they can not live without your product or service, or how your business will transform their lives. 

The Concept Of Storybrand Marketing

The entire concept behind this marketing strategy is that your customer does not care about your business. When businesses promote themselves using difficult jargon, a customer does not fully understand what kind of product or service the business is providing. Online marketing can be tough as many websites fail to provide an easy user interface, thus preventing customers from fully understanding different deals and opportunities. 

The entire concept behind storybrand marketing is that a business should make a customer understand what kind of changes it will bring in a customer’s life. How a person needs to buy your product or make use of your service to bring peace and ease in their lives. 

How Storybrand Marketing Works?

Now you must be wondering how this strategy brings any change in the marketing world? The answer is simple. When you see a TV commercial, you might have noticed one thing similar in today’s TV commercials that was not present before – A Story.

 Brands promote themselves by telling a story that their customers can relate to. A typical story goes

  • A hero (your customer)
  • Facing trouble (need help to solve it)
  • They meet a guide (you)
  • The guide gives them a plan, buy this to solve the problem (your product/service)

From toilet cleaners to washing powders, everyone today is using storybrand marketing strategy to make commercials and advertisements. 

A storybrand framework works with the mentality of a customer rather than relying on technology. When potential customers can relate to their issue as seen in the commercial, they are most likely to buy from you to ease their problem.  

Bottom Line

Storybrand marketing is a new marketing strategy that has helped businesses improve their customer reach and enhance customer engagement. This marketing strategy is more realistic and relatable for customers than any of the strategies used before. 

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