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What Should I Do Before the Movers Come

If you’ve booked a moving company, it’s time to prepare for the movers near me. Early preparations can help you avoid delays and last-minute plans. To make your move stress-free, simple, and successful, prepare ahead of time. Here are some ways to prepare before your movers arrive:

Clean Your House

Take time to tidy your house a few days or weeks before your moving date. Tackle one cleaning project daily to make the process easier. This includes:

  • Start with your least-used room, and sort your cabinets, closets, and drawers for key items.
  • Clean and clear out the garage or storage room.
  • Donate or throw out possessions you don’t need to pack.
  • Sell valuable items you won’t need in your new house for extra cash or to offset part of the moving fees.

Label Boxes Accordingly

Labeling boxes according to their content or destination reduces moving costs. You won’t need to pay for more than the hours you agreed on with your moving company. Mark boxes containing clothes, fragile items, or meant for a particular room for your movers near me.

Mark a box of key items with a label stating when you want it to be loaded into the van. The box includes the necessary items to make your first day at your new destination comfortable. You will need daily necessities like washing supplies, cooking items, and a first aid box. For accessibility, the box should be the last item your moving company loads in their van or truck.

Buy Moving Supplies

Stock up on supplies to make the moving process smooth and quick. Before the moving day, get materials like cellophane tapes, bubble wraps, boxes, glue, and box cutters.

If you are unsure of the supplies you need, make a note of your packed items. Make bulk purchases to avoid running out of supplies during the moving process.

Collect and Store Paperwork

Gather principal documents and keep them in a safe and accessible place for identification purposes. Some of the paperwork includes:

  •     Driver’s licenses, passports, and Vehicle registration
  •     Key inventory forms
  •     Documentation of your new and old lease or mortgage
  •     Social Security information and birth certificates
  •     Insurance information
  •     Medical records and emergency contact information

Measure Your Doorways

If you have oversized furniture, measuring your doorway helps you know how best to get them through the doors. Make sure you know the size of furniture that can pass through your doorways to avoid moving delays.

Call Movers Near Me

Contact your moving company to review the plan and moving schedule before the set move date. Prompt communication enables your movers to know the correct moving date.

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Prepare Your Appliances and Gadgets

Preparing your appliances for the move by unplugging them from a power source prevents them from being damaged during transportation. Disconnect gadgets like microwaves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, or anything connected to a power source.

Your cooling appliances, such as refrigerators, should be unplugged and defrosted before your move. After unplugging the devices, let the gadgets air dry or use a towel to dry moisture.

Wrap the wires around their corresponding devices to prevent accidental tripping. To prevent spills during transportation, disconnect gas connections and drain the gasoline from your lawnmower before packing them in a box.

Disassemble Furniture and Unhook Frames

Disassemble furniture for easy packing and transporting. Start with large pieces of furniture that have several additional fixtures, such as sofa beds and nightstands. Remove any hanging frame, mirror, painting, or artwork from the walls. Place the frames or mirrors against a wall or stack them in a corner on the floor. This can help your movers locate them quickly.

Remove Batteries and Flammables

Separate flammable goods and batteries from the moving van’s boxes. Packing explosive or corrosive items with other boxes can ruin your possessions. 

Examples of items you should pack separately are:

  •     Aerosol cans
  •     Gasoline
  •     Firearms
  •     Cleaning fluids
  •     Nail varnishes

Prepare for Your Movers Near Me with Ease

You can prepare for your move by buying moving supplies, disassembling furniture, decluttering your house, and labeling boxes. Proper preparation can make the process stress-free and straightforward for your movers near me. Your move will be a simpler process with local movers.

By Manali