Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

As a startup business, finding ways to gain business growth through making sales and gaining leads can be difficult. According to a recent study, 90% of startups fail because of several reasons, including poor marketing strategies. 

SEO for startups helps increase a startup’s chances of succeeding in the market. As a startup, having an effective SEO strategy puts you ahead of your competition in the market. The significance of SEO strategies in business success is seen in how many businesses have increased SEO budget allocations.

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Search engine optimization is a broad task that consists of many subtasks and functions. In this article, we highlight the ways that businesses can use to get growth in the right way.

  • Quality of the Website 

The quality of your business’s website can significantly impact your SEO rankings. The first aspect of your website you should work on is the loading speed. Slow websites often irk visitors and they opt to leave that website and get information from another site that loads faster. 

Another aspect of your website that you ought to check on is the website’s adaptivity. To increase customer or website visitor satisfaction, you should ensure that your website’s design is adaptive and restructures itself to adapt to the client’s device.

An adaptive web design will show low bounce rates for your website which will increase your overall SEO ranking. 

  • Keyword Research

A significant part of your SEO efforts for your business should be dedicated to researching keywords and incorporating them into your articles. Keywords are the most commonly used words by clients when searching for the product or service that you offer on search engines.

When doing your keyword research, you ought to ensure that you search for keywords specific to the industry your business is in. Once you have the keywords to use, you have to be strategic with how you use them in the article.

You should avoid spamming your website visitors with incorrectly used keywords. With keywords, it is necessary to ensure that they are naturally sounding when used in articles. The rights keywords used well significantly raise a business’s online visibility. 

  • Content Experience

In SEO, the quality of the content you put out will largely determine the overall success rate of your SEO strategy. The first aspect that largely determines your content quality is relevance. To ensure that you post relevant content, you should first check the buyer trends on your site. 

Your content should be related to the most bought products or sought-after services. Once you have identified the relevant content, you figure out which content form you will use to push the content to visitors. There are many forms you can use, such as videos, blog articles, photos, etc.

When pushing content, you must avoid reusing content on different platforms. Reusing content shows the clients that the business personnel are lazy. When figuring out the content format to use, choose the format based on relevance and targeted audience. An example of this is that when targeting the young generation, using videos has proven more effective than writing blog articles. 

  • Link building

Link building is a vital aspect of SEO. Link building entails adding links to the promoted websites. As a startup business, it is vital to get many articles on other sites with external links that lead to your business’s website.

When many websites link to your business site, search engines increase your ranking because that is a sign of relevance. However, it is important to ensure that articles that link back to your business website are relevant to your business. This will help show that the links are organic and not marketing tactics.

An example of an improperly used backlink to your site is, for instance, you sell liquor, and a website about health and medicine links to your site promoting the sale of liquor. Incorrect use of backlinks hinders a business’s growth by reducing its online visibility thereby reducing the number of leads gained.

In link building, you should also include backlinks to other relevant websites and articles in your blog posts. Linking to other high-quality sites shows the SEO that your content is also high quality.

  • Call-To-Action

The purpose of SEO is to increase your business’s online visibility and gain leads. However, gaining visibility and attracting possible clients to your website without a good call-to-action button will yield no results.

To ensure clients take action once they get to your site, there are a few tips to follow for designing the CTA. Firstly, the CTA should have a strong command verb as the first word. Your CTA should also be designed in a manner that invokes emotion and portrays a sense of urgency for the visitor to click it. 

You should also instruct your web designer to make the CTA pop off the webpage to attract the attention of the visitor. An effective CTA will greatly accentuate the efforts you have put into SEO for increasing leads. 

  • SEO Strategy Analysis

The final way to ensure continuous business growth is to analyze your SEO strategy regularly to check for possible improvement areas. The good thing about SEO is that you have a lot of analytics data at your disposal. 

You have to learn how to study the analytics and feedback data and convert the deductions into actionable changes that will positively impact the current SEO strategy. You can use platforms such as Google Analytics to extract the data from different sources and make various calculations using it.


For startups, getting a good ranking on search engines is a bit tougher than for already established businesses to increase their ranking. However, with quality, consistent posts, and a professional approach to SEO, improving the businesses’ ranks will be easy.

It is also important to ensure you study your competition and get to see what is working for them in terms of SEO. Studying the competition and carrying out your research and strategy tests is vital to ensure your SEO ranking trumps that of your business competitors. 

By Manali