Tue. May 21st, 2024

When you are trying to work out how much to spend on your wedding, there are a lot of different elements to consider, and you should make sure that these are all included in your budget. As such, if you are struggling to work out what should be in your wedding budget and what you may have left out, here is a guide to what to include within your wedding budget for 2023. 

  • Your Caterers

Unless your venue offers a catering option, you will need to hire independent caterers to ensure that all your guests are properly fed throughout the day. You should not simply pick the cheapest caterers, though. Instead, you might consider getting recommendations from other married friends or looking for companies with great online reviews. This will then ensure that you get caterers that all your guests are happy with, especially if they have dietary requirements. If you are looking for wedding caterers who can make your big day run without a flaw, you should ask for a quote from companies like Riverhouse Catering. 

  • Your Venue 

However, if there is one element of your wedding that you cannot forego, this is your wedding venue. Your venue can make or break your wedding, as this is where you will spend most of your day, including where you eat and take photographs. Your venue can also define the theme of your wedding. As such, instead of skimping on this venue, it is important that you look around for the most ideal venue within your budget, whether you want to host your wedding and reception in a hotel or a castle. Many people spend a lot of their budget on hiring their venue for the special day. 

  • Entertainment 

When you are hosting your wedding reception, you do not want to bring your guests to an empty room. Instead, you need to create an atmosphere that will get all your guests into the party mood. You can do this by booking great entertainment for the evening, such as a band or a DJ. By doing this, you will be able to get all your guests up on their feet and ensure that memories are made after, as well as during, the ceremony itself. 

  • Décor 

One of the elements that you will likely be able to save on is your décor. Although décor can be important if you are going for a certain theme and if you want to create a romantic and beautiful space, décor can also be incredibly expensive, and many venues will not give you the time that you need to set it up. As such, you should instead consider opting for a minimalist approach to décor, or you might even be able to use the décor that was put up by the last wedding party at the venue in question. 

  • Your Outfits 

You will want to look incredible on your wedding day, if only so that you do not cringe when you see your wedding photos. As such, you should put aside some of your wedding budget to use on your outfits, such as a wedding dress. These outfits do not need to be extravagant, though, or made for you. Instead, it is possible to find gorgeous wedding attire second-hand or in your local mall. You might even decide to rent your wedding outfit, especially since you will only be needing it for a single day, and this can help you to save money on your wedding and stay within your budget. 

By Manali