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Rubber or steel dumbbells

Whenever we think about weightlifting dumbbells come first in our mind. And 90% people prefer dumbbells for weightlifting. Dumbbells are universal using products. Dumbbells can make your body muscles strengthen and you can use them to shape your vary muscles such as you can use them for upper limb muscles, waist and abdominal muscles exercise. If you want to shape your body and strengthen your muscles at home then dumbbell set is great idea for your home gym. But now the question is what kind of dumbbells are better. Is rubber dumbbells are great or steel dumbbells? If this question also tangle you then you are on right place here you will know which set is best for you. So let’s begin!

Steel Dumbbells

Steel dumbbells are cheaper as compare to rubber dumbbells. And Steel dumbbells are the oldest kind of dumbbells. Steel dumbbells are available in market since home gym equipment famous in the market. In primitive age steel dumbbells were came with fixed weight, but now you can add or remove weight according to your exercise training needs. But the disadvantage of steel dumbbells is that these dumbbells get rusted very soon and it can cause of vandalism of your floor if it slips from your hand. Steel dumbbells don’t have cover coating who will protect the floor from damage. You steel dumbbells get rusted very soon if they get wet. A positive point of steel dumbbells is that they are basically smaller than coated rubber dumbbells. The coated rubber dumbbells are larger than steel dumbbells because of their coating and steel dumbbells also cover less space as compare to rubber dumbbells.

Rubber Dumbbells

Rubber dumbbells are also made of iron or metal and steel but they have a rubber coating. Because of rubber coating these dumbbells are more costly than steel dumbbells. Rubber dumbbells are two time more expensive than steel dumbbells set. Most of the people think that rubber coated dumbbells are better than steel dumbbells. But it is a matter of selection some people love to choose steel dumbbells but some prefer rubber dumbbells. The key benefit of rubber dumbbells is that it has a protected layer around it, if it will drop on floor from your hand then don’t worry it will not vandal or damage your floor. The other key benefit of rubber dumbbells is that it will not get rusty.

Rubber dumbbells are much huge than steel dumbbells. Rubber dumbbells will cover more space as compare to steel dumbbells. But if you have one pair of rubber dumbbells then it will not a matter of concern but if you have many pair of rubber dumbbells then it will create trouble for you, because they will cover a lot of space. Brand new rubber dumbbells can produce unfamiliar smell few days. These Dumbbells will also not a matter of concern if your workout place is your garage. But if you will put them into house your entire house will smell like rubber. If you put the dumbbells in front of sun they in result of they can get cracked and start to peel off the dumbbells coating. So don’t place your rubber dumbbells in sunlight.


Both dumbbells set have their pros and cons. So it’s upon you which dumbbell pair you will purchase. If you can keep away your steel dumbbells form getting wet then steel dumbbells is best option for your workout at home. And key benefit of steel dumbbells that they are cheaper than rubber dumbbells. But rubber dumbbells have their advantages and if you can purchase expensive dumbbells then rubber dumbbells are very best for you and your dumbbells will not get rusty.

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