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This is the question in many minds who think that why to choose KBC to check the luck if we have other options too. Yes, this is the reality that you have several other reality game shows in which you can win a big amount.

But there are some best features of Kaun Banega Crorepati which are not available in other shows. Firstly if we talk about the prize then it’s great. The top prize in this reality game show is 7 crore rupees which is a huge amount across the Indian game show. You cannot find such a big prize in any other show.

This game has many other features like lottery which is of course contains the KBC Lottery Number Check optionAnother feature of this game show is the sim card which means that you can enter this game by using the sim card. No matter which sim card you have you can register here.

These are all the options which you can achieve easily without facing any difficulties. And the huge advantage of these features is to reach and available this game show to everyone.

Is there is any winner from KBC game show?

As you know that there are lots of scammers on the internet. Because of which nobody easily trusts on any website. But if we talk about the Kaun Banega crorepati it is a completely real game show. Because first of all they do not have only a website but they also contain several offices throughout India. And keep in mind if any website show you their real physical address it’s mean that they are not scammers.

Secondly, there are lots of proof that this show is real. Those people who played this show in past and pass the quiz received their prizes the current example is KBC WhatsApp Winner 2022. In this show, the prize amount is not fixed but it varies according to the features. till now we do not receive a single example about this game which prove that a person passed the quiz but they do not receive the prize amount.

Some fraud people against KBC

Currently, the scammers are uncountable on the internet, social media, markets, etc. you can receive a call from such a number who will claim that he talking from the KBC head office and he needs some information but wait!!

You do not need to give them all your personal information because they may be a scammer. And this happened to many KBC fans where they received the call from such scammers and in the last many fans lose their personal information or financial loss. So be careful before going to trust every call.

There are some general tips through which you can confirm that either the call is from scammers or real KBC head office. Keep in mind that scammers are always interested in your financial information like bank account etc. same as that some scammers will convince you that you are selected for the KBC game but first send me some money to proceed further. If you face such a situation you can report them to KBC head office.  

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