Sun. May 19th, 2024

If you are looking for some guaranteed fun-filled fundraising Raffle Mania, look no further because Winy Cart is running the best one in town ( They’re a bunch of professional media enthusiasts and business solution providers who love creating win-win business situations for their customers and have a no-nonsense approach to generating quick philanthropic contributions through Raffles.

Being a regular at Winy Cart, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide that will help you understand how Winy Cart Raffle Mania manages profit-making cum philanthropic missions being successful in both:

How does Winy Cart Raffle work?

Raffle works like a Non-profit, splitting the income from raffle ticket sales among charity initiatives and profit-making. At Winy Cart, if you purchase one Jaipur Pearl worth ₹300 each, you are gifted an automatic entry Raffle Mania ticket for the monthly Lucky Draw. So if you buy, suppose 4 pearls, your name into the Lucky Draw is entered 4 times (yes, you saw this just right – generosity is a key promise at Winy Cart).

Now, with every pearl worth ₹300 each that you buy, 40% of the proceeds are retained for nonprofit usage and the rest are profitmaking charges including packaging, delivery, transaction handling and so on.

Ordinarily, Raffle tickets globally are sold for a fixed price and often at tickets worth fortunes but here is where Winy Cart differs. Winy Cart’s prime objective is for the proceeds to go into charities so pearls from the royal quarters otherwise normally auctioned at charities, are sold here as a legitimate business model and as a token of appreciation for your contribution, Winy Cart has introduced the Raffle as a reward mechanism. So, you see that Winy Cart Raffle, unlike usual raffles is different because:

(i) Winy Cart’s Raffle Mania is a PAN INDIA, unbound by a ‘one-time golden opportunity’

(ii) Winy Cart’s Raffle Mania does not have a ‘priced’ ticket system but a special offer of “SPEND LESS & WIN MORE” business model where buying Jaipur Pearls ₹300 each rewards you with a Raffle Entry

  • The more Pearls you buy, the bigger the payoff for the Lucky Winner.
  • The more you share the purchase links with friends & family, the more your chances of winning increase. So what are you waiting for?

Go hit the link and start now – SPEND LESS & WIN MORE!! 

By Manali