Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Wedding anniversary wishes

Dear brother we lost our father at a young age. You took charge of the family affairs and proved your love for the family. My heart fills with joy and warmth the way you looked after mother. I wish your bond with your mother and sister-in-law got stronger and blissful as the years rolled by. You all three struck to each other and solved the most important issues in the best possible way you could. Your balanced approach made up a happy marriage. The wedding anniversary wishes for brother and suggests a grand celebration.

Being religious in mind I would like to talk to you about Buddha. Its origin comes from the word budh meaning to wake. Once he gained enlightenment the Buddha spoke about the suffering in the world. His sermons and teachings emphasized the truth behind the universe and to follow Dharma through four noble truths. Thus, live according to a great Law of true wisdom and compassion then you will get prevented from suffering in day-to-day living.

Buddhist philosophy originated from Gautam Buddha’s outlook on life. Lord Buddha has viewed the world as a place of miseries and sorrows. His thoughts were that man suffers from miseries because of his involvement, jealousy, and selfish ends. Man is ever-striving acquiring wealth position and prestige. Even if he succeeds in acquiring wealth position and prestige. Even if he succeeds in acquiring striving wealth position and prestige his urge for obtaining more and more never ends with the result that he is continually shivering under troubles and all types of miseries and inner urges forever going ahead of others. One may obtain peace only through Nirvana that is through renunciation of worldly pleasures and desires for position and prestige. Thus, an attitude of renunciation alone can help one to be free from anxieties and all sorts of mental disorders. 

I pray to God that your remaining life is a combination of happiness and laughter. Years are only numbers, but a compatible matched soul is the bond of marriage.  Hold your hands and take an oath that you will be available to each other like you have been up till now. You make an ideal couple.

Thank you for being with me all these years. I am grateful for your support, inspiration, and guidance which I needed to move along with life in the tricky game named life. Wedding anniversary wishes for brother dear.

Remember sister is your mirror reflecting at you with a world of possibilities. Over the years she is a witness who captures in her heart the worst and best and loves you anyway. Some days she is the reason you wish you were an only child. Whenever I ponder about the past, I feel nervous because of what I would do if you were not my brother. You supported me in many ways and taking the right decisions.

Hope your married life is full of health, prosperity, and happiness God bless you with togetherness and love forever. You both are a pair of wonderful persons and hope to celebrate the beautiful day with you. Mother will be missed.

By Manali

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