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Like all businesses, there are advantages and disadvantages to making an investment in the real estate business as well. There are several risks involved when investing in a real estate project and there’s also a 50/50 chance of earning a profit and facing losses.

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The Pros

Increase in Market Value Over Time

If the investment is made wisely and in a favorable location, the market value of that real estate property will increase over time. Another wise investment is to buy a property that is run-down in a good location, spend money maintaining and repairing that property, and then either rent it out or sell it to get a good profit return.

Property investment is considered a safer investment as compared to investing in stocks as stocks can go down any second, but the market value of real estate property only increases. There are rare occasions where the market value of the property decreases but it can be increased by making repairs. Read more about Canvas TCISD login details for you

Steady Flow of Cash

Putting the property up for rent is a great way to obtain a steady and stable cash flow. Even though there are a lot of cons to renting out the property, the steady cash flow makes up for it.  Why invest in buy to let property? This is a great investment for those looking for some extra monthly income apart from their daily jobs. Renting out property not only helps with extra money but also gives the individual a sense of security that in case they lose their job, the monthly rent will make up for it.

Provides Security Against Inflation

Inflation is what happens when the country’s money value decreases and the price of everything else increases.  Due to inflation, the market value of certain stocks can decrease, causing loss to the investors. However, that is not the case with real estate investment. With the prices of everything increasing, the market value of real estate also increases. If an investor has a house that is rented out, the rent will also be double. With inflation increasing the cost of living, the monthly cash flow also increases.

The Cons


Like all investments, real estate investments also require money. If the investor does not have sufficient funds to make the investment, they will face numerous losses. Most of the times investors will invest in run-down properties and then run out of funds that go into maintaining and repairing the property. Apart from the cost of purchasing and flipping the property, there are also several taxes that need to be paid. Otherwise, the property will be evoked by the government.

Time Consuming

It can be a long while before the rental property can start generating some money. Although most people say that real estate is the quickest way to earn money, it still takes tie before the money starts coming in. If the investor makes an investment in an already developed project, then its less time consuming but if the investment is made on a project that is being developed from scratch, then it will take months or even years before the property can be put up for rent to generate an income.

Long-term investment

There needs to be a long-term plan for buying property. In case of any emergency, one cannot convert this physical resource into cash whenever required. Putting real estate on sale is time consuming and selling stock shares is less than the transaction charges.

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Renting out can be Problematic

Precious time and money can be wasted away by the occupants in courts. The landowner can suffer a great loss of money if the occupants do not pay their rental charges or destroy the property in any way after they leave it or both.

 In the end, it all depends on the investor’s wit and research. If the research is done properly then the investment can turn out to be profitable, but if the decision to make an investment is made in a haste, then there’s a high chance that the investor might face some losses.

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