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Kingdom Valley is part of the Primi Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program and caters to both the lower-income groups and the upper-income groups in the country. Located near the Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway and 25 minutes away from the New International Airport, this residential society is a flagship development by Kingdom Group.
                This housing project has a number of residential plots available to book ranging from 3.5 marlas to 1 Kanal. These plot sizes help even the low-income group to be able to afford their own house. This housing scheme aims to provide equal facilities and equal living standard to all income-groups in the country.
                    Small residential plots of 3.5 Marlas are already sold out. As of now, the smallest residential plots available to book are the 5 Marla plots. These plots can be booked via two payment methods. The first payment method is by paying the full down payment of 975,000/- PKR during the time of the purchase. Read more about Kingdom valley islamabad noc.
                    The second payment method is to pay some of the down payment amount upfront, 117,000/- PKR when purchasing the 5 Marla plots, and then paying the rest of the amount through via an installment plan. Kingdom Valley offers its low-income residents to be able to pay for their house in easy monthly installments. For 5 Marla plots, the monthly installment is just 9000/- PKR. This installment plan spans over a period of 3.5 years, making it about 40 installments. Other than the monthly installment, 8 bi-annual payments of 43,500/- PKR also have to be paid.
                  This initiative helps families of low-income groups be able to feel a sense of security because with each monthly installment, the property will be their own. This housing society will help even the lower-classes living in the country to call a place of their own. The installment method is better for lower-middle class groups because this way they can move in and still pay for the house instead of wasting money on cheap rentals and saving up money to pay the full amount upfront.
                   This Kingdom Valley will also help the future families of low-income groups be financially secured as future generations can put up some of the property for rent, generating a stable source of income.

            Other than the extremely low rates of the residential plots, the middle-class group can also benefit from this project’s investment opportunities. Bigger plots of 8 Marlas and 10 marlas are also available to book at extremely low rates. The 8 Marla residential plot can be availed for the full price of 1,350,000/-PKR or through the installment method by paying 12,000/- PKR per month with a 10% down payment. While the 10 Marla Residential plot can be availed for 1,650,000/- PKR or through the monthly payment method of 15,000/- PKR per month with a 10% down payment.

        These plot sizes are great for people with a normal housing budget and bigger families. The 10 Marla residential plots are the best investment option for middle-class income groups who are looking for bigger homes for their families with limited funding. These bigger plots can even be put up for rent in the near future and the profit return on these properties will be massive.

              Apart from the affordable housing, the society also offers numerous facilities to all its residents. The developers of this project aim to provide all the top-notch facilities available to the upper-class groups in popular gated societies to even the lower-class groups.

       These facilities will include:
                1) Access to the housing society’s grand masjid
                2) Around the clock availability of water, power and gas to all the blocks
                3) Access to High-Speed free Wi-Fi
                4) High-end academic institutions and hospitals
                5) Urbanized commercial areas and lavish entertainment centers.

               With the launch of this project, the Prime Minister aims to bridge the gap in the living conditions of the country’s upper-middle and lower-middle groups with the upper-income groups having access to more facilities and housing than the lower income groups.

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