Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Forex trading is a great attraction for investors due to the ease of entry, its low capital requirements and 24/7 accessibility. It is true that anyone having laptop and some capital can make money by investing in and trading forex. You can open your account at FXCM with fxcm minimum deposit and start trading. But, it requires to learn the specialized knowledge and a lot of discipline, and both are not easy to attain.

If you want to learn forex trading, there are dozens of online courses available on internet that can teach you online forex trading and lead you to the path of profitable trading. Here we will mention the best online courses available to learn forex trading.

1- Udemy- Forex Trading from A-Z

Udemy is the top provider of online courses of a vast range of topics related to carious fields. It offers a wide range of forex trading courses for beginners at low prices.

For those who want to learn forex trading from beginner level to the expert level, Udemy provides Forex Trading from A-Z course. This is a comprehensive and a low cost course that is very helpful for newbies.

This is an in-depth course designed by Kirill Eremenko, a Forex system expert and data scientist. It covers almost everything that a beginner needs to know about forex trading.      

2- is a leading global independent trader and financial educator. This is a hub for learning and knowledge in the forex industry.

They not only provides outstanding courses on forex trading but also offers high-end trading tools,  a closely related forex trading community, and mentorship by top trading pros.

The objective of is to teach the novice traders how to trade forex using various methods to identify trends and generate signals. The training and knowledge are delivered by highly professional forex traders.

They teach their students by giving them access to the Trading room that acts as a chat room to share trading strategies and showcase ideas. 

3- Traders Academy Club

Traders Academy Club is an outstanding platform to learn forex trading.  It offers you an yearly membership of the education resources for just $297. These education resources are extremely useful for new traders and are equally helpful for the experienced traders to learn how to extend the forex trading.

It allows you to access comprehensive media zone filled with hundreds of recorded webinars for beginners as well as for experienced traders.

4- Daily Forex FX Academy

Daily is a reputable and well respected website that has been providing daily forex news and analysis since 2006. They started the Forex Academy with the aim to provide traders of all levels with knowledge and skills required to get success in the forex market. This academy is totally free of cost.

They offer 15 classes at the academy that cover basic forex knowledge to advanced trading techniques. The classes are presented in a simulating and interactive way. Each class consists of an animated video, recommendations for further study, reading material, and quizzes.    

The course is self paced and and allows the learners to adopt an individualized learning approach.

By Manali