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In today’s world, there are many places where you can’t get a good connection. If you’re constantly commuting to work or at home with spotty Internet connectivity, then YouTube has the solution for you.

With their offline feature, you can continue to enjoy your favorite videos on your Android and iOS devices even when there is no usable network connection. So if YouTube’s offline feature sounds like something that could be useful in your life too, keep reading to find out how it works.

YouTube’s offline feature, which was launched in 2014, lets Android and iOS users to save YouTube videos, so they can watch them later. You can download these videos either via mobile data or broadband internet. The feature is supported by ads. This means you will have to watch the ads even when you are viewing them offline.

Not all YouTube videos are available for offline viewing. You might come across some videos that are not available to download.

Once you’ve downloaded a YouTube video, it will be available for offline viewing only for 48 hrs. Once this period is over, you will need to connect your device to the Internet once again. After that, you have re-sync the video with the YouTube app in order to see any changes or availability status.

The YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet can now make videos available offline. First, open the popular video sharing website and find which one you want to download onto- there’s an option for this under Add To Offline.

The Add to Offline button will allow you to watch videos without having an internet connection. If the video remains unavailable for viewing offline, then you will the download button crossed. You will be prevented from downloading such a video.

When you add a video to your offline list, YouTube will ask you to select the quality of the file. Low resolution video will take less time to download and also takes less space on your device, but the downloaded video will not have a good resolution. If you want to download a high-quality version of the video, it will take longer to download and will use more storage space on your device.

How To Watch YouTube Offline Video

You can save video files to your phone so that they’re always available, even if you’ve logged out of the YouTube app. To find your saved video, tap the Accounts tab on YouTube’s homepage. Dragging down with gestures or just tapping the back button in Android and then searching for “saved.”

Saved videos are easy to find on YouTube. Clicking will show you every video that has been saved for offline viewing, and if you don’t want a video anymore you can remove it by clicking in the context menu. You will find it next to each video then selecting Remove from Saved Videos.

Alternatively, YouTube video downloaders are a great way to get videos in different formats, including MP3 and MP4. YT1s is one such YouTube video downloader that you can use to download video from many sites including YouTube.

However, YouTube’s Terms of Service explicitly mention that users shouldn’t download videos unless YouTube provides the link or button to do so.

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