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band 6

Welcome to another promotional blurb, buy huawei band 6. The Band 6 was sent off several months prior, which is the organization’s most recent reasonable savvy wearable wellbeing GPS beacon. This time around, the primary selling point is the greater screen I’ve been involving the band for a long while, and here’s the full audit.


To buy huawei band 6 allows you to utilize HUAWEI wellbeing application for Android and iPhone. It is prescribed to side-load the most recent APK for Health application since the one in the Play Store is obsolete and misses a great deal of highlights like the entire day SpO2 observing. The Health area shows Steps, exercise time, distance and calories consumed on the top. You can see different areas underneath. You can likewise modify them by adding Cycle schedule for menstrual cycle following, however different elements, for example, Skin temperature observing and Weight isn’t upheld by the Band 6.

Next up is the activity tab, which we will look at later in the wellness area, and the gadgets segment shows the gadgets added. The ‘Me tab’ shows decorations, reports, plans and more for workouts. When you click the HUAWEI Band 6 in the gadgets tab, you get the battery information and choice to pick watch faces. There is a different store that allows you to download many watch faces, both free and paid. You can save to 25 watch faces in the band, which I have not found in any models in the value range or even in some smart watches.

 Activity Trackers

The HUAWEI Band 6 has 96 Different Exercise Modes including 11 master practice modes like indoor and outdoor running, cycling, and rope skipping, and 85 more modified modes, including health, ball games, and moving sorts. There are modified exercise following for walking, running, roundabout and rower. For outside practices like running, you get course map, distance, calories consumed, steps, ordinary speed, musicality, step, typical heartbeat, beat zones and even recovery time right from the band. Steps following is for all intents and purposes exact appeared differently in relation to Mi Watch Revolve Active? For sure, even without worked in GPS, following using phone’s GPS is incredible.

It hardly requires a few seconds to get the GPS from the phone for outdoors works out. In any case, I couldn’t get the GPS lock clearly from the band, and I really want to actually start the running decision from the application, and it shows in the band. Since there is a button in the band, you can press it to defer or stop the activity.


There is little shortcoming I want to share in guide to buy huawei band 6, for the most part since a straightforward gadget does what it should do, and does it effectively. At its cost, you’d be unable to observe a wellness band with a decent choice of highlights that is combined with long battery duration and a screen adequately enormous to pass it as a smartwatch. They say wellbeing is a significant venture. I figure the Huawei Band 6 is a decent, and reasonable, venture to praise it.

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