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Science is a subject that helps learners to understand the world, its components, human bodies, and functioning, everyday life concepts and scientific discoveries, advancements. There are several branches of science and the main three which students learn in schooling are physics, chemistry, and biology. Many students find this subject difficult to understand and comprehend. Let us discuss some effective tips and techniques which students can follow and practice to make science easy and interesting for themselves. But before that let us discuss some benefits of learning science. 

  • Broadens career opportunities for students. 
  • helps in understanding everyday lives better. 
  • academic performance is increased. 
  • The logical and critical thinking of students is improved. 
  • Helps to understand the world and its components.
  • Better knowledge of scientific discoveries and advancements. 

Tips to make science easy to learn 

1. Read more 

To make science easy to understand, students should read more. Only a single time reading is not enough to make your mind understand the complex scientific definition, facts, numbers, and applications. Many students don’t re-read the lessons and simply start assuming that they are not able to understand and learn science. But this problem can be solved by reading a topic as many times as possible. Absorbing and memorizing the content becomes easy by reading it all over again. While reading, don’t forget to make your science notes. By reading and note-making, science will surely be made interesting and easy to memorize for yourself. 

2. Solve sample questions first 

Many times, students jump to the main unsolved exercises, and when they aren’t able to answer those questions, they start panicking and their confidence level is also reduced. Instead of this, students should practice the solved examples and questions first. This way, they become familiar with the question language and formulae. In between the lessons as well, questions are present, and students should not skip solving them. Use and look at the solutions if you face any difficulties. After completing the solved and sample questions, move to the complex and unsolved sections of the chapters. Students can use guides and online teaching sites to access such questions. 

3. Make notes 

Only reading and memorizing orally is not sufficient to understand science better. Writing skills are equally important. Hence all students must make science notes. When listening to the teachers in class, jot down the important terms, definitions, formulae, biological terms, and facts in your notebooks. The created notes not only help to understand better at that time but also can be used as a very useful resource while you are preparing for your exams. All students who sit for self-study time should keep their science notebooks and a pen in hand. After reading a particular topic, write down what you understood in your own words. 

4. When tired take breaks 

Continuous learning is not beneficial in comprehending information better. It causes brain fatigue because of which learning efficiency is also reduced. All students should take breaks in between to rebuild their focus, concentration, and energy to learn. Don’t take too long breaks because it can lead to delay and procrastination. Even a short break for relaxing or for any leisure activity can help students in this regard. 

How can teachers help? 

1. Continuous feedback: by giving constructive feedback to the students, teachers can make science study better for students. Only giving grades for final exams is not enough to make students do better. Regular feedback on how they are learning, maintaining notebooks, answering in the class, etc can help them to become better. With the help of LMS portals, manage records of the performance of students and give them timely feedback. 

2. Use technology: science is difficult to study for many students, but this difficulty level can be reduced by teaching with the help of modern, and technical teaching aids. You can use presentations, modules, picture cards, online teaching sites, and much more to make science subjects easy to understand and comprehend for learners. 

3. Ensure self-learning: to ensure that students are actively involved in learning science after classrooms as well, giving assignments, and homework can help. These home assignments ensure that students are self-studying as well. Self-learning is very important to understand a subject better. If you are teaching via online teaching apps use LMS portals to systematically manage the home assignments of the students. 

4. Support them: if students are facing difficulties in understanding science lessons, conducting doubt classes and revision classes can be helpful. It is one of the best ways by which teachers can support students to overcome the difficulty levels and comprehend information. In doubt classes, allow all the students to ask their doubts and queries freely. 


Science is an important academic subject to be learned properly. With good science knowledge, understanding everyday life, academic scores, and future success of the students are improved. By following the above-mentioned tips, students can make science easy for themselves to understand and comprehend. We also discussed the tips which teachers can use to help students in understanding this subject better. 

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