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As a crane driver or proprietor, you wish to know that you’re fulfilling the Ontario guidelines for running a crane securely while optimizing your efficiency. With crane Hiab Truck training provided by Atlas Polar, you’re mosting likely to feel great in understanding that you or your operators are risk-free in handling your equipment, plus you’re going to get the best efficiency that the crane has to supply. Let’s have a look at exactly how you can improve your crane efficiency while attaining accreditation.

Obtaining knowledge about the HIAB Truck Crane

As a Customer of Atlas Polar, you can feel good concerning your acquisition because we make sure you feel comfy with the tools’ attributes and capabilities. Then included in this we offer a half-day orientation training to offer you a working knowledge of all the technological aspects, safety and security functions, and the efficiency it can.

Acquiring Experience:

You or your operators will begin with getting their experience on the worksite. This is where you start to be familiar with the devices under the instructions of senior operators.

Atlas Polar Training:

As quickly as you or your operators have 40 hours of on-the-job experience under your belt, you’re ready for the one-day training and qualification that we have awaiting you. All you need to do is publication a seat in the next readily available course. After that, it’s simply an issue of showing up with your crane as well as safety tools, consisting of a construction hat and safety and security boots. This program is only mosting likely to take you or your operator off the job someday. Still, it is mosting likely to supply the concept on safety and security and basic operation of the crane. All drivers in training are expected to finish the written job and functional areas that compose the course. The day of training will substitute for an ordinary day on the job. At the effective conclusion of the course, you or your operator will walk away feeling confident and also far more effective.


Crane drivers that meet the requirements of the training course are granted with a diploma to happily position on your wall, as well as a laminated pocketbook sized accreditation card to be lugged. The accreditation has no expiry yet we like to recommend to you as our client that you or your drivers return to us every three years for a refresher course.

The Perks:

Apart from obtaining the required qualification needed by regulation for you and your drivers, this training has many other benefits, which are vital for you as the crane owner and your drivers.

It gives them the confidence to operate extra efficiently.

You boost performance through boosted understanding.

As the firm owner, you are going to be able to recognize the full return on your equipment because you or your drivers are certain and also with the ability to utilize the devices to their greatest capacity.

Trustworthy training:

Atlas Polar gives training as a client service, so you can have a safe operating system in position and get the very best of what the HIAB Truck Crane can offer. We use this exceptional and comprehensive training needed for accreditation across Canada. The firm operates in co-operation with Grainmaster Equipment in Manitoba, our sis car dealership in Alberta, A.R.W. Vehicle Devices, and ML-Truck Tools Ltd. in B.C.

Our team believe in carrying out this training and qualification course in all kinds of climate keeping in mind that you need to finish the job. We know your crane operators need to offer their services in all types of weather conditions. Completing this training course gives all the necessary needs for you or your HIAB crane operators to do their obligations in a risk-free and productive manner.

It supplies you with the confidence in knowing that you or your operators are safe in the workplace, and also the equipment is being utilized to its optimal capacity.

If this sounds like simply what you need to enhance your business, make sure to see our area on our training courses to find out more. Also, look into our HIAB Vehicle Crane Training Podcast on iTunes, which is all about the training and certification we offer. You’ll learn through both Steve Parr and crane instructor Stirling Robertson in the podcast.

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