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It’s time for the legendary speedster to make a comeback on our screens as The Flash: The Flash Season 4 Subtitle Download

We created a lightning-fast recap of all the significant events from Season Four so that you are prepared for the inevitable binge-watching before next season.

After escaping the speed force in Season Three, Barry returns from the speed force just in time to encounter a samurai with superhero powers. A mysterious man in a high-tech wheelchair controls the “Samuroid”, looking for the Flash to assist in his nefarious scheme.

In order to track down the mysterious man’s plot, Barry gets an upgraded new suit to chase the technology controlling Ramesy Deacon. The new antagonist, now revealed as “The Thinker”, may have been responsible for creating villains like Deacon, and there are still more to come. As part of his dastardly plan, The Thinker manipulates events surrounding Barry’s return, resulting in his creation of twelve new metahumans.

A metahuman named Ralph Dibney, now known as the Elongated Man because of his stretching powers, is tracked down by Team Flash. In a revealing scene, it is revealed that Clifford DeVoe ordered Ralph to keep an eye on the adulterous Mayor Anthony Bellows, leading to a series of disastrous blackmail attempts. Ralph becomes an official member of the team despite his criminal past.

While Ralph is being trained to use his powers, the team follows the mysterious DeVoe to find out he is not the villain he seemed to be, but rather an older man wheeled about in a wheelchair. Both DeVoe and his wife are interrogated, at which point they discover that his powers are the results of a “thinking cap” that he was given by his wife, which gives him a mighty intellect but also accelerates his terminal illness. A special chair has been developed for DeVoe in order to stave off the advances of his disease and help him survive. When DeVoe finds a camera inside Samuroid’s head, it’s finally revealed that DeVoe is The Thinker.

After locating and securing the remaining metahumans, DeVoe finally attacked the S.T.A.R labs. Having taken over Ralph’s body in a tragic defeat, DeVoe steals their powers.

DeVoe reveals his plan of resetting the intelligence of all human beings, which he calls “The Enlightenment”. In doing so, he will be able to retrain humanity in his own twisted image and create the world in which he believes the solution to humanity’s problems lies.

The team reluctantly co-opts Amunet’s help to stop the insane plan, as the bomb will be able to stop DeVoe’s satellites. When Barry destroys the satellite with Cecille Horton’s telepathic abilities, Ralph is able to regain consciousness and destroy DeVoe while his still-living mind regains consciousness.

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During a brief misadventure on Earth-X, DeVoe saves Barry from being kidnapped by Barry. However, Barry is framed for killing the man and sentenced to life in prison. Even though DeVoe is dead, his mind remains alive as it has been transferred into the body of Dominic Lanse, one of the twelve metahumans created as part of the Thinkers plot.

Nonetheless, in a final act of vengeance, DeVoe pulls a dead man’s switch, which causes his satellites to fall to the ground in order to destroy Central City. Although Barry almost misses saving his home, he is helped by a mysterious Speedster. Iris and Barry’s daughter Nora from the future is revealed to be the mysterious girl. A warning is issued when Nora confesses that she made a “big mistake”.

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