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Social Media Audit

If you’re like most businesses, you’re using social media to communicate with customers and grow your brand. But are you doing it effectively? A social media audit can help identify areas where your social media strategy could be improved. Below is more information about the social media audit.

How to Tell If Social Media Audit is Worth It

An audit is an excellent service to perform if you’re considering taking your social media strategy to the next level. If you find that your site has a lot of high-value content but very few visitors, it’s time for an audit. It is recommended to avoid posting content of questionable value. If you find that your site has a lot of these kinds of posts, it might be time for an audit.

You should carry out an audit if you are experiencing reduced results in terms of engagement or growth. For example, imagine your followers are decreasing with every post you put out on Twitter.

Another reason to do an audit is when you feel like something isn’t working right. Perhaps your follower counts aren’t changing like they should be, even though you’re engaging with users. You might even be experiencing some adverse effects on your brand’s reputation.

Things to Look For When Performing a Social Media Audit

When you decide to do an audit, you need to look at your content. Check out what’s working and what isn’t. Are you posting often enough? Are the right kinds of posts being shared by users? Answer these questions to get a better understanding of your strategy. It would be best to look at how much engagement your posts are getting. If you spend a lot of time creating new content, but nobody sees it or interacts with it, something isn’t working.

Also, be on the watch for posts that are likely to be spam. Check comments on your posts and look for trolling or people leaving rude remarks about your brand. If you find a lot of negative posts, consider using audit services to fix the problem.

Ensure you focus on all platforms in your audit. A common mistake people make is focusing too much on one platform. Sure, you might see some success with Facebook or Twitter, but if you ignore other channels, your strategy will eventually fail. These audit services can help ensure your social activity doesn’t concentrate in one place.

How Long Does an Audit Take

As for how long an audit takes, it can vary from client to client. The amount of data you have could affect the length of time an audit takes. For instance, if you have hundreds or thousands of posts on file, it’ll take auditors longer to look through them all. It might also take more time to review your business’s social media history. But generally speaking, social media audits shouldn’t take more than a few days.

How Much Does an Audit Cost

The cost of this audit is also variable. It depends on the size and scope of your business’s social media profiles. For instance, if you have only a few pages on Facebook and Twitter, but they’re very active, the cost will probably be lower than a company with hundreds of different profiles that aren’t seeing much activity.

Such audits can help you determine where your content could use some improvement. It can also show you any steps you need to take to repair your brand’s reputation on social media. NetbaseQuid is an online social media audit company covering all social network activities. We can help you reach your business goals by analysing your social media strategy.

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