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Submitting a Music Blog to directories is a great way to increase your target audience and get more visitors. However, people make some common mistakes on their Music Blog Submission to directories.

Here are several mistakes People Make When they are Submitting music to blogs:

  • Not Checking If Your Blog Is Listed: 

This is a big mistake. You need to check first whether the Music directory you are going to submit to your music blog accepts them or not.

It would not be very pleasant if you submitted it and then found out that they do not list websites unless they have specific information about the website, such as who owns it and how frequently it is updated.

  • Not Verifying The Website You Are Submitting Your Music Blog To:

You can always verify that the directory accepts blogs by quickly searching their submission form, simply filling out some information, and clicking submits; if this page does not exist or does not accept submissions, then do not submit your music blog to that directory.

The best way is to check the About Us page of the directory; if they specify that they do not list blogs, keep looking.

  • Not Writing An Enticing Title For Your Music Blog:

You must ensure that the title will draw people’s attention and make them want to click on it.

It will be easy if you have a music blog, as your title is probably related to music already. Introduce yourself and the name of your site at the beginning of the title.

  • Writing A Poor Quality Description For Your Music Blog

There are plenty of descriptions trying to sell their blogs by writing things like “la la la, check our website. It’s awesome,” this does not work at all.

Try using keywords related to your site and create a compelling argument as to why someone should check out your blog.

If you have a list of visitors reading to click on your site, you need to convince them that they should join the crowd and visit.

  • Not Proofreading Your Submission Before Submitting It

Spelling and grammar mistakes are a big turn-off for most people so remember to proofread before submitting your music blog.

Try using spell check; there are even browser plugins for this, so you should have no problem finding one if you don’t have one already.

It would help double-check your work before submitting your music blog to directories.

  • Not Including Your Website’s Name In The Anchor Text Of Your Submission:

When people click on your site, they need to know that it is there. The best way to accomplish this is by using the same name of your site in the anchor text.

  • Not Checking For Disallowed Directories:

Now and then, you will find a website that will list directories that are, for lack of better words, “unfair” or not up to standard.

Users usually try to submit their blogs, but the directories reject them or make submission impossible.

Keep an eye out for these disallowed directories. If you are submitting your blog to them, the chances are that they will reject your submissions.

  • Not Including Your Music Blog In The Website Title

It may be the most serious mistake you can make when submitting your music blog; by not placing it in the website title, you miss out on thousands of visitors who use directories to find new websites every day.

Including your music blog in the web site’s name is easy, and there is no reason you shouldn’t do it.

  • Not Resubmitting Your Music Blog If It Does Not Get Listed Immediately:

Even though some directories take a couple of days to list new sites, it is still a good idea if you Submit Music To Blogs again if it does not get listed immediately.

Make sure you use the same title, description, and link as before and resubmit after about five days or so; sometimes, directories like to check the original submission first before listing it again.

  • Listing Multiple Music Blogs On One Directory

Most directories only allow one submission per day, so submitting several of your music blogs can be a problem.

If you submit more than one on the same day, some directories will remove all submissions after approval, so make sure you only list one music blog per directory.

You can always resubmit your second submission in another five days or so after it has been approved.

  • Not Including Your Mini-Biography Or About Me Page

It is something that I know many people forget to do, but including this could help people get to know you and your music blog a little better.

It also puts a face to the name so people can think of you as a person rather than just a music blog.


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By Manali

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