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There is no doubt that Friends is one of the most popular American sitcoms. In 1994, the show was released and proved to be a huge hit. Since then, 9 other seasons have been released and a reunion is scheduled for 2021.

A plot summary is provided below:

The first episode of Friends season 1 takes place in a coffee shop. During her wedding, Rachel runs out of the wedding to enter the coffee shop. After Phoebe moves out, Rachel starts living with Monica. Ross has felt romantically attracted to Rachel since high school. The feelings he has for her are not fully expressed to her despite his repeated attempts. The episode concludes with Ross going to China for his fossil dig. As a result of his trip, he misses Rachel’s birthday, but he had purchased a meaningful gift for her before he left. During Chandler’s interview, Ross is mistakenly revealed to love Rachel. The moment Rachel hears this, she is aware she has feelings for Ross as well. When Rachel goes to see Ross at the airport, he is accompanied by a new girl. Rachel reveals to Ross that she is in love with him.

Here’s the amazing cast:

  • Chandler played by Matthew Perry:
  • As portrayed by Courtney Cox, Monica Geller:
  • Rachel Greene as played by Jennifer Anniston:
  • Ross Geller as played by David Schwimmer:
  • As Phoebe Buffay, Lisa Kudrow:
  • Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc:

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You can download friends season 1 english subtitles here:-

Please follow these steps if you are using your mobile device:

Viewing from your mobile device is possible. You can start by accessing subtitles from

Make sure to extract it from the Zip format if that is the format it is in.

Transfer the SRT format file to the Movie/TV Series folder

Open the video player and select the video file you will be using

Look for the subtitle option, and then open it (it might be the import option)

Click on the subtitle file (Srt file) and you’ll see it on the screen.

You can play VLC on your computer/PC/Laptop by using Windows Media Player and Apple QuickTime Player.

Watching from a mobile device is possible. Start by downloading subtitles from

Zip files should be extracted if they are in that format.

The .srt format file should be placed in the Movie/TV Series Folder, and then you can start watching (works with Windows media player)

However, if you’re watching with a VLC player, then open the VLC player, click the Subtitles button (SRT file), and it will add the subtitles to the video.

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