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How Do I See The Last Chapter Of La Reina Del Flow Season 2?

Yeimy Montoya’s story reaches its climax, and his fans can’t wait to see what happens.

La reina del flow season 2: The final episode of the series, attracts an audience of Latin American fans. Carolina Ram*rez stars as vocalist Yeimy Montoya. As the last day of production on Caracol TV is this Friday, September 10, many wonders when the show will premiere on Netflix.

Due to this same reason, many people who already enjoyed La reina del flow’s first installment are impatiently awaiting the release of these episodes on Netflix. Are there any confirmed release dates? Here’s what’s known about this successful production so far.

What is the chapter count?

There are 90 chapters that will premiere in Colombia this Friday, September 10.

Primetime premiere of La reina del flow season 2 on Netflix

Although the release date on Netflix or an international channel has not yet been confirmed, it is estimated that it will occur after the premiere of the final chapter in Colombia. It is, however, possible to access all 82 episodes of the first season on the aforementioned platform.

The opening hours
Last episode aired on Colombia’s Caracol TV at 9:30 pm the last Friday, September 10. Since the release date of the second season has not yet been confirmed in other countries, there is also no indication of when this new batch of episodes will debut.

This is the final schedule for The Queen of Flow 2

According to your country, these are the times to see La reina del flow season 2 :

  • Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru: 9.00 pm
  • Central America (except Panama): 8.00 pm
  • Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico: 10.00 pm
  • Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay: 11.00 pm

There might be a third season of La reina del flow. La reina del flow will also end with its second season. This is the acknowledgment Carolina Ram*rez gave when a fan doubted it. “This drama remains unbeatable for a long time,” Yeimy replied. “Yeimy has run out of lives.”

The stars

  • Carolina Ramrez as Tammy Andrade / Yeimy Montoya Vélez
  • Carlos Torres (Charly Flow) as Carlos Cruz
  • Juan «Juancho» Andrés Sandoval Mesa, Camilo
  • Ligia Martnez de Cruz is played by Adriana Arango.
  • Dver «Mann» Cruz is played by Lucho Velasco.
  • Erick Mateo Cruz Montoya is played by Juan Manuel Restrepo.
  • Irma “El Huracán” Serna is played by Mariana Gómez
  • Mike Rivera is played by Marcelo Dos Santos.
  • Juan Palau in the Role of Drama Key
  • Catalina “Cata” Bedoya is played by Diana Wiswell.

The final episode of La reina del flow season 2 will be released shortly

Caracol Television announced that the final episode of the Colombian series will air on Friday, September 10, 2021.

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