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A drama about the Strucker family is called The Gifted. In season one, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind), Father Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Andy (Percy Hynes White) discover that their freaks are a result of the notorious Von Strucker twins. Sentinel Services, a government agency tasked with hunting terror, captures the family and takes them to the Mutant Underground. During Gifted season two, the fearless freaks were split from Andy, including Polaris (Emma Dumont), Magneto’s sister, who joins the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle to help the group’s leader Reeva Payge (Grace Byers) create a bizarre nation.

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Season 3 of The Gifted begins after a brutal conclusion to season 2. So far, the following information is available about where and how viewers can watch The Gifted season 3:

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Gifted Season Three has not yet been confirmed

The third season of The Gifted has not yet been confirmed by Fox. A second season of the X-Men side project is not guaranteed. Season 2 of The Gifted had the lowest ratings of all time. A total of 4 million people watched the premiere of season one, and an average of 3 million watched the entire season. That helped Fox renew the show for the second season. About 2 million viewers watched every scene in Season 2. After such a dramatic drop in viewership, Fox may give the drama another look.

From Season 3 of The Gifted, stream The Future Could.

X-Men showrunner Matt Nix said the series would be renewed if it were renewed. He said the series would air. Season 3 of The Gifted will not be shown on Fox or broadcast television, however live streaming is available. There is a loyal following for The Gifted, but it is a small one, so it is better suited to streaming (the first two seasons of the show are available on Hulu right now).

The Gifted season 3 has not yet been announced. With the Disney acquisition of Fox, things could get confusing. Despite the network transmission of The Gifted currently taking place, Nix also sees the possibility of the series returning in an “innovative” manner, possibly through Disney Plus. In a web-based service such as Hulu, there are fewer restrictions on content, so the arrangement could lead to depicting a world in which freaks are retaliated against after being brutally abused by society.

When is Gifted Season 3 coming out?

Fox aired the series in the fall and ended it in mid-winter. Fox is highly likely to approve an arrangement that airs The Gifted season 3 in the fall rather than in the middle of the season. The Gifted would have to change its airing time if it moved to streaming, since live-time programming cannot organize seasons.

Since season 2 of The Gifted had an enclosed recording until the end of 2018, season 3 can be reassembled with its large cast. As The Gifted moves to a web-based format, performers may become more confused and have new opportunities when they break up.

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