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Updates On Sicario 3: Release Date and Cast

Sicario 3 is rumored to be in the works, but we know very little about its cast or release date. Here’s everything we know so far.

After some radio silence, new reports suggest that the production of Sicario 3 will begin soon. Denis Villeneuve directed the original Sicario (which means hitman in Spanish), a taut thriller about FBI agent Kate Mercer (Emily Blunt) joining a mystery task force run by CIA agent Josh Brolin. Her team’s tactics are highly questionable causing Kate to be drawn into a deadly battle against Mexican cartels before she can blink. As a result of its performances, its suffocating atmosphere, and Villeneuve’s direction, Sicario was hailed as one of 2015’s best films.

In spite of Sicario’s high praise and commercial success, the premise did not seem to suggest a franchise. However, the film’s sequel, Sicario: Day of the Soldado was released in 2018. The story instead focuses on Brolin’s Matt and del Toro’s returning assassin Alejandro, rather than Blunt’s Kate character. After the murder of his family, Alejandro is left to protect Isabel, the young daughter of the man who killed his own family. Day of the Soldado received generally positive reviews, but the film is generally viewed as having less narrative interest than the original because of Blunt’s absence.

Sicario: Day Of The Soldado will have a sequel despite many seeing it as a step-down. According to production studio Black Label Media, the third film has resumed production after years of silence. Here’s what we know so far.

The developer of Sicario 3: Capos is Black Label Media

Sicario 3 is definitely in the works, says series producer Trent Luckinbill ahead of the June 2018 release of Sicario: Day Of The Soldado. It is likely that the story will pick up after the ending of Sicario 2, which saw Alejandro survive a gunshot to the face by Miguel. During the final scene, the recovered Alejandro appears to recruit Miguel, setting up a potential apprenticeship relationship in the next movie. Additionally, a sequel would have to address Matt’s career impact, as his rare display of emotion caused him to disobey orders and rescue Isabel against the strict orders of his superiors.

Sicario 3 is still in the works and is expected to be released early or late 2022, according to Black Label Founder Molly Smith. It has an official title: Sicario: Capos, which roughly translates into “bosses.” That suggests the new movie could see Matt and Alejandro up against the most powerful drug lords yet.

The Returning Cast of Sicario 3

At this point, no casting has been announced for Sicario: Capos, but Smith told Deadline that Black Label intends to bring del Toro back as the star. A third film is also likely for Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Donovan, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. In light of the waning interest in Sicario 2, perhaps we might want to explore Kate’s evolution over the years following the events of the original. It has been reported that Blunt is interested in returning to Sicario, despite her currently hectic filming schedule.

The Sicario 3 Release Date

Sicario: Capos has no official release date as of today. However, if Black Label’s hopes for late 2021/early 2022 production start hold true, Sicario 3 could arrive in theaters by the end of 2022. With Sicario: Day Of The Soldado’s mixed reception and the fact that it cost more to produce but made less, the studio may be taking careful steps to prepare for the next installment. Emily Blunt might be able to revive interest in the new film if she signs back on. But as of now, many details about Sicario 3 are still unknown.

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