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Cell Games Saga ends in Season 6 along with some other resolutions, most notably the ending of Trunk’s arc from the future and the aftermath of Cell. The first two-thirds of Season 6 were primarily about storytelling and character development, while the last two-thirds were about action as the Cell Games began and the Z-Warriors battled Cell to stop the destruction of Earth. Season 6 concludes Season 5 storylines and sets up the Cell Games in the first third. In addition to Goku and Gohan’s training, Cell announcing the Cell Games on TV and preparing the ring are notable scenes. Early episodes serve to set up the Cell Games by increasing tension and highlighting what is at stake if Cell succeeds.

Here are the fights! These are the biggest and best fights of the series. We have Kamehameha’s, energy blast volleys, instant transmission, and more. People remember Dragon Ball Z for these. The two show off their array of new techniques in an exciting ‘even terms’ fight after an impressive warm-up. In this clash of titans, neither fighter holds back. You never know which way the fight will go as you will always feel that your opponent will pull through. But the match ends in a stunning twist.

Gohan then steps in and takes things to another level. As viewers will find out, power alone does not always determine the outcome of battles, as Gohan steals the show from Goku. Despite long being surpassed in power by the Saiyans, the less powerful characters get a brief chance to shine here. There are many twists and turns to the fight sequences, which serve to keep the story unpredictable while breaking up the action. For spoiler sakes, I won’t go into too many details here, but trust me, by the end of the saga you will be stunned.

There are plenty of filler episodes in Season 6 that you can skip over completely and not miss a thing. They are generally fun and harmless, some bringing back past characters like General Tao. Hercule and his sidekicks provide some comic relief, but they are on screen for too long and quickly become annoying as you wait for Goku to step up to fight Cell. The filler can be very good as well, such as everyone helping Gohan in the final battle, and there is a lot of development exposition as well.

The dub line often contradicts previous elements of the plot. It’s not the Blu-ray release’s fault, but the source material. When Tien says he has been working toward surpassing Goku since he became a martial artist, we know that’s not the case, as he studied martial arts before he met Goku. With the Japanese subtitles, Tien simply says he would not be where he was today without Goku. Even if you are a hardcore Dragon Ball fan, you probably won’t notice these errors since the same track has been used for many years.

Information about the series

Name: Dragon Ball Z Cell Games Saga

Season No: 06

Episodes: 29

Release Date: February 14, 1990 until January 16, 1991

TV Channel (India): Cartoon Network

Language: English and Hindi

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