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Netflix’s Money Heist Season 1 download HD in Hindi: A group of robbers attempt to carry out the perfect heist in the history of the Royal Mint of Spain – stealing 2.4 billion euros.

The main characters are The Professor, Berlin, Raquel Murillo, Arturo Roman, Helsinki, Rio, Moscow, Monica, Denver, Colonel Luis Prieto, Allison Parker, Marivi Fuentes and Pablo

Isn’t it better to make your own money rather than steal someone else’s? This would mean that you need to get a job in most circumstances. In the world of ‘Money Heist,’ it means the act of breaking into a mint and printing money. It begins with a woman identifying herself as Tokyo fleeing the police. The professor offers her a new job just as she is about to walk into their trap. The plan he has hatched will get them more money than any heist ever has.

Additionally, he has hired a bunch of specialists in their respective fields. They work for five months to perfect the plan. Nevertheless, when it comes to actual execution, things quickly go south, especially when Inspector Raquel Murillo is involved.

Following a 60-hour bumpy ride, the Professor and his team have mostly overcome all hurdles. The professor is very close to murdering Raquel’s mother but decides against it at the last minute. Fortunately, she forgets it soon after. Then he realizes she has memory loss and has already forgotten about the content and call.

Meanwhile, the situation at the bank also seems to be settling down. When the team recovers from the loss of a good deal of their leverage in the wake of the daring escape of some of the hostages, the team is recovering not only from the loss of Oslo but from the loss of the entire leverage system. In an attempt to escape, one of the hostages hits the other with a pipe when they were trying to escape. A lot of blood has been lost, so he has died of brain damage. The plans in Tokyo and Nairobi are to get him out of the hospital so he can get some treatment and perhaps even be saved, but Berlin suggests sticking with the plan. In the midst of a heated argument, Helsinki interrupts the conversation and says Oslo would rather die than be detained.

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The Professor witnesses a huge blunder, even as he sets the foundation for a specific problem. As Raquel reaches a moment where she realizes that the robbers must have set up a base somewhere to plan the whole operation, she has a flash of insight. The fact that all of them know how to use guns must indicate that they have a lot of experience with them. Angel had already predetermined the pharmacy where Berlin would obtain his medication, so it will now be easier to identify the location of the base camp. Raquel finds out about the entire plan in the attic while Professor panics in the car when he discovers it.

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